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Domestic Cleaning For Busy Housekeepers
02Sep 2014
Domestic Cleaning For Busy HousekeepersIf you are feeling like your domestic cleaning may be taking over your life a little bit, then it is time to take back your free time, and to work out how you can be doing that little bit less work on the house, and a little more work on yourself! You will find that with a few simple steps, you can reduce the time and hassle of house cleaning, to ensure that you are getting the work done, without it getting in the way of all that you would prefer be doing with your time. Whilst not all of these steps will apply to everyone and their home cleaning schedules, you may well find that some of them do, and that the others inspire you to change things in a different way. Whatever the case is, it is essential that you are not letting your cleaning get in the way of all that you would prefer be doing with your time!Cleaning more oftenIt may sound like the opposite way to reduce the amount of cleaning that you do, but many people will allow themselves to leave the cleaning to one large chunk in the weekend, or lump certain jobs together, so that the time spent cleaning is rather long. You will find of course that if you divide these jobs up, that the amount of time spent cleaning each time that you did so felt like less, when spread out. If you then do each of these jobs more often, then you should find that the result is to reduce the amount of dirt that settles between cleaning. Therefore, the amount of time that it takes to clean each time is much less, as you have less dirt to get rid of! Efficient cleaning equipmentThe amount of time that you spend actually cleaning is rarely as long as you would think, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of time is spent on the extra stuff, like untangling your vacuum cleaner cord, or sloshing buckets of water about. You need to ensure that your cleaning tools are right for the job, and that means in terms of size and weight as well as their ability to actually clean. If you have a small house, then you don’t need an enormous vacuum cleaner, and you don’t want heavy items if you have a great deal of stairs in the house, as this will often leave you half dead by the time you actually come to clean! Make sure that you use tools that will last as well, so that you get maximum use out of them before they start filing to perform as well as they should.Managing the day.If you have divided your jobs up in to more manageable home cleaning segments, and you have made each job as quick and easy as possible by using efficient cleaning tools, and doing the job more often, then you will find that you can fit these individual cleaning jobs in to various little parts of the day when you normally would not have attempted to! If you can get some vacuuming done before you leave the house, or mopping when you get home, on the same day of the week, every week, then the fact of the matter is that you will see your house retain a feeling of cleanliness throughout the week, that would otherwise have had to wait until after your major clean, had you previously left it all for the weekend!

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