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Hiring A Cleaning Company After Builders Have Finished Their Work
21Nov 2014
Hiring A Cleaning Company After Builders Have Finished Their WorkHiring a cleaning company after a bunch of builders have finished their work is often at the top of the list when it comes down to what needs done. You may have had a conservatory made, an extension of your house as well as a bathroom or a kitchen fitted in and the builders have done a great job of everything except leaving your place clean. You walk in and there is a film of dust everywhere, solidified cement as well as streaks of paint, thinner, fillers and goodness knows what else. Your first reaction is to cry, become angry or scream (depending on yourself) and you wonder how you’re going to have to waste time cleaning up after all this mess that they have left you with! You stand and wonder if you should sweep, mop or scrub the place clean, an additional headache that you didn’t really want to deal with. Then you remember that there are companies out there that actually specialize in builder cleaning and you feel relieved! You arrange to hire one but you’re not sure where to begin or even how? Below is a list of tips we have compiled for you to make this process go much smoother for you, saving you both time and money to enjoy your new addition to your house: •    Find a reputable company that does the cleaning preferably someone that you know of, has already used. When you are new to hiring a company, it is best to ask around with family and friends who is the best company. That way you are assured that they will deliver the best service that you desire, because someone you know has already used them. You will also know that they are vetted, reliable and licenced to be able to clean up any mess that has been left behind.•    Endeavour to find out how much they charge and how they charge. A lot of cleaning companies do charge by the hour however it is best to know, if they offer a flat rate, be if for half the day or the full day. Also, it is wise to ask if they take the payment upfront or they want it on the day. Nothing is worse than not asking and on the day, after everything the company is asking for the cash you don’t have because you preferred to pay by card for their service. Where it comes to exchanging money for a service, please get all your terms and conditions sorted out before you proceed. •    Find a Builders cleaning company that lives in your local area. Chances are, if they live in your local area, they will be having rates that you are probably already used to seeing and are comfortable as well as not paying for transportation if they are coming from afar. Also local areas know your place better and won’t waste time in trying to find it, therefore increasing the rate that you would be paying them. •    Make sure that the company has their checklist advertised on their website. Sometimes you want one thing and not the other, so it is up to you to figure out what it is that you need doing when it comes to hiring the professional team. They may even have their fixed prices advertised online, making selecting a company for yourself and your needs, much easier.

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