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     I will be honest and say that I thought cleaning services are not worth their fee - but BarnesCleaners changed my mind completely. My husband convinced me to hire them and that was the best thing I did in a while! No complaints whatsoever!
Jasmine D.17/03/2015
     I have lots of delicate rugs in my home, and I was wary about using products to clean them, as I didn't know what would be safe and what might cause damage. BarnesCleaners's rug cleaning service was really helpful to me, as it meant I got professionally clean carpets without having to worry about something going wrong. Thanks for the help and thanks for getting my rugs so thoroughly clean!
     I'm a homeowner with three Labradors and while they are the loves of my life, they do run rather wild, which is why I use the services of BarnesCleaners on a regular basis. Every week the pleasant and discreet cleaners come armed with their powerful vacuum cleaners and really pull up the dog hair that gets so embedded in my carpet fibres. What's great is that they also wash my carpets when needed to remove any muddy stains dragged into the house by my four legged companions. My pups and I are so grateful!
Winnie R.15/01/2015
     I am a single professional man and have been using the services of BarnesCleaners for about a year. I find the convenience of someone coming and doing my cleaning and laundry a godsend. Being a typical chap, I am rubbish at cleaning but like my house to be clean and tidy. I find the services to be very reliable and I have never had a problem with the company. If I need any extra jobs doing for example, the windows cleaning or the bed changing, I just leave a note for the cleaner. I would recommend their cleaning services.
Peter F.14/11/2014
     As a working mother I find that all the clich├ęs about balancing different roles are, in fact, absolutely correct. Between running for work and running after the kids I feel like I don't have a moment to breathe. BarnesCleaners has made that possible, though, with their excellent domestic cleaning services. The cleaning contractors are helpful, friendly and unbelievably good at what they do. In fact, when they come over they are so quiet and efficient I don't even know they're in the house and I can relax and spend time with the kids!
     I've never been a person that likes mess very much but lately I've had no time to do anything about the undone chores. The build-up of work to be done had been really bothering me so I looked up the number of a cleaner and when I saw BarnesCleaners's advert, I called they up and arranged a time for one of their cleaners to come over. I liked her so much that I kept her on and she's still with me now after 5 months. Everything I need doing she has been more than willing to do and the cost of this all doesn't even break the bank!
     My house is definitely a busy one thanks to my kids and my pets, and I was forever running around after them, trying to clean up their mess! Not only did I have these added pressures, but I still had to cope with grime, dirt, bacteria and limescale. The house cleaning was becoming too much for me, and I'd all but given up on cleaning when I heard about BarnesCleaners. At first I doubted that I could afford a house cleaner, but when I called the company the prices seemed very reasonable. I get my house professionally cleaned regularly now and I no longer have to worry about stress or bacteria!
     If you need a house cleaner then you need to call BarnesCleaners. I'd contacted so many cleaning companies before this one to try and find what I wanted, but all I was met with was bad service, unhelpful staff and a house that wasn't even that clean! Of all of the cleaning companies I've tried, this one is definitely the best, not only because of its excellent services but also because of the prices too. If you're on a budget but you need a house cleaner then you should contact this company to see how they can help you. They've done wonders for me and my family and I only wish I'd called a lot sooner!
Philip L.25/02/2014
     I am not one to review online, but in this case I felt compelled. I have been using BarnesCleaners for years now, and they send a cleaner round at the same time each week. Unfortunately I had something of an emergency and needed to rearrange last minute. Not a problem - the member of staff on the end of the phone was accommodating and booked me in for the next day instead. Such customer service is really unheard of in today's age, so I thought I would come online and just say thanks! Great company, great service.
Jane Donald05/12/2013